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NASA Full Form | NASA full Information | NASA completed Missions:

In Today publication, we will know the full form of NASA. Everyone must have heard the name of NASA many times, but many people do not know the full form of NASA. Then I thought why not write a publication on this subject, what is the full form of NASA. So today, we know everything about NASA, its contribution in science ,technology and space research, Future plans of NASA,the history of NASA, from where they started, to know about NASA completed missions. We cover all topic related to NASA. We all hear the name of NASA every time there is a new space-related update. Today in this publication we will also know what is NASA  Full Form. So let us know what the complete form of NASA , so let’s first know what NASA is: –

What is NASA:-

NASA is an independent branch of the United States of America which was established on 29 July 1958  by president Dwight D. Eisenhower. Its headquarters is located in Washington D. C., which employs about 17219 employees. It has motto for the “Benefit of All”. NASA deals with the development of peaceful applications in space science and is in charge of American science and technology. It is related to space exploration and airplanes.

NASA’s predecessor institution was known as the National Aeronautics Advisory Committee. Currently, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, who took office on April 23, 2018 and Jeff Dewitt is the financial director of this institution. Your administrative job is to lead the NASA team and manage your resources. On the other hand, the financial director’s job is to manage NASA’s budget and provide leadership in the preparation and presentation of annual financial and budgetary reports.36% of people working at NASA are from India and of Indian origin.

Currently, NASA is run by an administrator. As of July 2019, Jim Bridenstine is the 13th administrator of NASA and James W. Morhard is the 14th deputy administrator of NASA. Today there are 10 NASA centers located across the United States, including seven testing and research facilities, employing nearly 17219 people for NASA, the most famous job being NASA’s job as a space-man Considered, but remember, space-man makes up only a small fraction of the workforce, with many engineers and scientists working at NASA.

NASA Full Form

N stands for National 

A stands for Aeronautics

S stands for Space

A stands for Administration.

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